Oct 18, 2009

Review: Kabul 24 (by Ben Pearson & Henry Arnold)

"The Story of a Taliban Kidnapping and Unwavering Faith in the Face of True Terror"

Kabul 24 is a story of Taliban extremists who kidnapped and imprisoned 8 humanitarians from the SNI (Shelter Now International). In the summer of 2001, just before the World Trade Centre attacks in New York, eight missionaries were imprisoned for 105 days in absolutely inhumane and desperate conditions. Also imprisoned and tortured for their association with the SNI were 16 Afghan workers.

Time after time, God's protection and provisions for these eight missionaries is revealed. From prison guards to other prisoners, God provided a veil of protection over His people, and they in turn reached out to other prisoners by sharing their faith, their food and their love.

Even though I knew the final outcome would be their rescue by the American Special Forces 105 days after their imprisonment, the story gripped my interest from the very first page. They never knew from one hour to the next what would happen to them, but they trusted that God was in control. Their endurance was tested to the limit and beyond, but they did not waver in their faith. In fact, their faith strengthened as their trials increased.

This is the story that the media did not report on. It is the account of numerous modern day miracles in the midst of unbelievable trials.

Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishing for providing a complimentary copy of this book, for the purpose of review.

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