Dec 26, 2009

Review: Bo's Cafe (by John Lynch, Bill Thrall and Bruce McNicol)

The reviews on this book have intrigued me, and the book definitely lived up to my expectations. I first heard about this book through a FIRST Wild Card Tour, which I posted here on my blog about a month ago.

"All of these people have others around who could help them see ... if only they asked for help. But fear keeps them from asking. So everybody does an elaborate dance around each other. A guarded, well-intended conspiracy of silence surrounds almost every conversation. What isn't said is louder than what's spoken. Friends dance around friends for years, holding back truths that would set the other free. The memories of failed attempts, hurt feelings, and estranged relationships block light from entering the room."

My personal review of this book is short and sweet. It is time to get real. Get real with all of our relationships, with everyone we come in contact with. And most importantly, we need to get real with God. No more hiding from the truth, no more dancing around the issues that hold us back, hold us down, and hinder us from enjoying the really important things in life. And the most important things in life? They are not things, but people.

This book is so much more than a story of fictional characters that meet at a little seafood joint down on the docks called Bo's Cafe. It is a reference manual that can speak to each one of us ... and help us in our own search to find answers. The wisdom in this book, especially from Andy, speaks volumes straight to the heart. I highly recommend this book for everyone, it is an incredible message of grace and life change.

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This book Bo's Café: A Novel was won at A Mom After God's Own Heart and received today from Hachette Books

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