Dec 9, 2009

Review: Only You (by Deborah Grace Staley)

My list of favourite authors expanded this week, as I received a review copy of Only You by Deborah Grace Staley. This book is the first one in the Angel Ridge Series.

What a great story! I don't usually read many books of the romance genre, but what a pleasant surprise to read this book. My biggest regret is that the lovely place where the story takes place is fictional ... it is called Angel Ridge. I would love to visit Angel Ridge, or even better, it would be fantastic to live there.

Angel Ridge sounds like the most perfect place on the planet. You know the "Thomas Kinkade" kind of place? Well that is the image that comes to mind when I think of Angel Ridge. And the residents of Angel Ridge, I would so love to have them as my neighbours too.

The story revolves around a librarian named Josie and a handyman called Cole, and their highly unlikely relationship. Through many events that seem to point their destiny in opposite directions, true love is put to the test. 

I was sorry when the story ended, as I really wanted to follow their life a little bit more.  I am glad it is only book one in the series. I hope there is much more coming about Josie and Cole in the next books.

Thank you to BelleBooks and Bell Bridge for providing a complimentary electronic copy of this book, for the purpose of review.

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