Dec 2, 2009

Review: Three Cups of Tea (by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin)

"One Man's Mission to Promote Peace ... One School at a Time"

"[Greg Mortenson] was appalled to see eighty-two children, seventy-eight boys, and the four girls who had the pluck to join them, kneeling on the frosty ground, in the open. Haji Ali, avoiding Mortenson's eyes, said that the village had no school, and the Pakistani government didn't provide a teacher. A teacher cost the equivalent of one dollar a day, he explained, which was more than the village could afford. So they shared a teacher with the neighboring village of Munjung, and he taught in Korphe three days a week. The rest of the time the children were left alone to practice the lessons he left behind.

Mortenson watched, his heart in his throat, as the students stood at rigid attention and began their "school day" with Pakistan's national anthem. After the last note of the anthem had faded, the children sat in a neat circle and began copying their multiplication tables. Most scratched in the dirt with sticks they'd brought for that purpose. The more fortunate, like Jahan, had slate boards they wrote on with sticks dipped in a mixture of mud and water."

Above is a quote from the book, a journey beginning in 1993 that would result in the building of 78 schools. This book is a great story about Greg Mortenson's vision, his courage and determination to follow through, against all odds.

I enjoyed the overall story, but found it very hard to stick with the book. I put it down many times, and literally forced myself to pick it up again. It didn't capture my interest like so many books do, but the story was a good one. Other reviews peg this book as wonderful, enlightening, captivating, etc. It didn't reach those levels for me, but it shows what determination can do ... a good lesson for all.

This book was borrowed from a friend.

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