Jan 21, 2010

Review: Letters to Darcy (by Tracy Ramos)

What is the value of a single life?

"This was one of the most beautiful days of my life. I just found out that I was pregnant."

With those words, Tracy Ramos began writing letters to her unborn daughter, Darcy. Three months into the pregnancy, Trace received news that no mother wants to hear.

"My world came crashing down when I heard the words not compatible with life."

Against others' advice, Jason and Tracy Ramos chose to give Darcy a chance at life, and Tracy continued writing letters to Darcy.

"I have been forever changed by knowing you."

In letters to Darcy, you can read all the moving letters that Tracy wrote to Darcy and follow the Ramos family's remarkable journey. The life of Darcy Ramos is a poignant reminder of the way we should live our lives, the power of love, and the value of every life, no matter what its length.

For more info on this book and to read the first chapter, check out my earlier post here.


Letters to Darcy is a heartfelt collection of touching letters from a mom who never knew if she would be able to hold her little baby girl in this lifetime. She knew that the chances were not good for her to be carried to full term, yet she chose to continue with the pregnancy. She believed in the blessedness and sacredness of life, right from the moment of conception.

Reading this book, I was deeply touched by the indescribeable love that a mother feels for her unborn child. It is hard to understand why these things happen, but Tracy expresses her feelings with unbelievable transparency, honesty and grace.

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