Feb 6, 2010

Review: Family in the Attic (by Elizabeth R. Pettiford)

"Clara is an elderly widow, living alone, in the house she and her husband raised two children. She spends her days reminiscing, regretting lost chances, feeling the pain of missing her children who live too far away to visit often. As the days progress, her ability to discern between dream and reality gradually fades, and soon her confusion leads to strange behavior.

Her friend and neighbor, Mary, comes to the rescue, and the family is called in to determine Clara's future.

This poignant novel about aging, written by a geriatric nurse, raises many important points about taking care of our elderly population without simply storing them away in "homes." It will make you think about your own future, and how you would hope to be treated."

About the Author, Elizabeth Pettiford

"I am a registered nurse and a licensed massage therapist who has worked for thirty five years in a wide variety of health care settings, most of which have been with seniors, and/or their families. I was drawn to the elderly from my youngest days and began my work with them as a nurse’s aide in the mid 60’s when I felt called to work in health care. I loved the one on one contact this work allowed and regard nurses aides as saints to this day as their caring is sometimes nearly the only thing some people have in their lives."

To find out more about the author, visit her website at http://www.elizabethpettiford.com/.

My Review

The story of Clara is one that I can definitely relate to, in light of my own aging parents. I believe it brings to the forefront things that we can all watch for in the lives of the seniors that we care about.

I found the story moved very slowly, and at times it was difficult to keep on reading. But when thinking back on it now, maybe that was part of the intention of the author. The slow pace, yet not accomplishing anything, was a frustration for Clara too. Her memory was failing drastically, and the things that she thought she had already completed were still there for her to face. Housekeeping is a good example, and it seemed that she rarely completed her regular household chores. Yet there were often times that she felt that she had already done something, but it might have been days or weeks earlier. Clara was easily distracted by other things, like the dolls she discovered in the attic, and then she would wonder where the time went.

If you want an inside look at what getting old and living alone is all about, pick up this book. It will open your eyes to the plight of our lonely seniors and what their life is really like.

My rating - 3 out of 5 stars

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