Apr 9, 2010

Love Nest by Julia Llewellyn

Grace is being forced to sell her beloved childhood home — but will love in the shape of the surveyor who comes to assess her property turn her life around? And what of Karen, whose husband is desperate to buy Grace's countryside home? She's a city girl with no desire to move out...

Lives and loves intertwine in a property chain like no other, but who will find a way home to the Love Nest?


Julia Llewellyn is the author of The Love Trainer, If I Were You, Amy's Honeymoon and The Model Wife, all published as Penguin paperbacks. As Julia Llewellyn Smith she writes regularly for the Sunday Telegraph, the Sunday Times and many other publications. Julia lives in London with her family.

Click here to read an excerpt from Love Nest.


Love Nest is filled with lots of interesting characters, many of whom are trying to sell a house, buy a house, or profit from the housing market as a realtor. A wild and crazy collection of people, each with their own story, and their lives somehow become intertwined.

Truth be told, I found this book very hard to get into. There were so many characters, and the whole thing seemed rather disjointed to me. Even after reading the first half of the book, I still didn't feel a connection to any of the characters.

There are some rave reviews for this book, but overall I was disappointed. I guess we can't love them all, can we?

Thank you to Penguin Group Canada for a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review.

Book: Paperback, 464 pages
ISBN 9780141033655
30 Mar 2010, Penguin

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