Apr 25, 2010

Love Tag by Peter Shianna

Driven to prove he’s a winner, Phil Tag achieves financial, professional and personal success that most men would envy, but he’s not satisfied. He embarks on a mission to settle a grudge with an old adversary. With millions of dollars at stake, past dirty tricks pale next to present treachery.

Meanwhile, Phil and Ellen’s nineteen-year-old adopted son, with the aid of a memorably offbeat social worker, successfully locates his birth mother, a beautiful woman who becomes part of the emotional rip tides that carry the Tag family into uncharted waters.

As Ellen watches her family disintegrate, she immerses herself in church volunteer work—work that her all-too-handsome pastor appreciates far more than he should. Feeling neglected and overwhelmed at home, Ellen is drawn to the priest who earlier had helped her son battle alcohol and drugs.

A drama of pride, ambition and betrayal, LOVE TAG ultimately celebrates courage, love and hope.


Peter Shianna, a licensed private pilot, avid golfer and pickleball player, also enjoys the arts, travel and playing cards. Love Tag is his second novel. His writing has appeared in the Rockhurst Review, the Kansas City Star and the Creative Writers Journal. His fiction has been included in three anthologies.

Visit the author’s website at www.petershianna.com.


Love Tag is the story of a family with secrets, infidelities and much turmoil. I was drawn immediately into the story, and couldn't wait to see what happened next. Phil Tag and his wife Ellen are the parents of two teenagers, Jessica and David, who was adopted as an infant.  The story begins on the day of David's graduation from high school, and is immediately followed by David's announcement that he wants to find his birth parents.  The story could be about any typical family, with the teenagers trying to find their place in the world.  The four members of this family are pulled in different directions, each with their own personal agenda. As David's search for his birth parents progresses, he begins a rather unconventional relationship with the social worker handling the case.  Ellen, the mother, is a former nurse and a devout Catholic.  She devotes all of her free time to helping out at the church, and soon finds herself involved in more than church activities with the parish priest. Unresolved issues with an old university acquaintance come to the forefront when Phil is trying to seal a business deal, and David's birth mother is also involved in the same contract. So many twists and turns, and you never know what is going to happen next. This book will keep you turning pages, as you need to find out how everything is finally going to end.  A very enjoyable read!

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Love Tag
ISBN: 978-1-935517-50-4
Category: General Fiction
Length: 274 pages

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