Jul 15, 2010

The Truth About Delilah Blue by Tish Cohen

The Truth About Delilah Blue
Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd (Jun 8 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1554685869
ISBN-13: 978-1554685868

Delilah Blue Lovett has always been a bit of an outsider, ever since her father moved her from Toronto to L.A. when she was eight, claiming Delilah's mother no longer wanted to be part of their family. Twenty now and broke, but determined to be an artist like her errant mom, Delilah attends art class for free—by modeling nude at the front of the room, a decision that lifts the veil from her once insular world. While she struggles to find her talent, her father, her only real companion, is beginning to exhibit telltale signs of early-onset Alzheimer's. And her mother, who Delilah always assumed had selfishly abandoned them, is about to reappear with a young daughter in tow . . . and a secret that will change everything. Delilah no longer knows which parent to trust—the only one she can really rely on is the most broken person of all: herself.

In a new novel as witty, sparkling, and poignant as her acclaimed Inside Out Girl, author Tish Cohen uncovers the humor and heart within the most dysfunctional of families.

For more information, visit the author's website at www.tishcohen.com

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The Truth About Delilah Blue is a fascinating story about a girl who was kidnapped by her father and raised in a less than affluent lifestyle. Her father changed her name from Delilah Blue Lovett to Lila Mack, they always dyed her hair over the years, but he never told her the truth about her mother.

At the age of twenty, Delilah agrees to pose as a nude model in exchange for free art classes. She had no idea that a nude sketch of herself would one day bring her mother back into her life, but her Mom is not ready to be honest about Delilah's childhood.

This is a very dysfunctional family, to say the least. Delilah's father is suffering from Alzheimer's, her mother is an unstable and angry person who has secrets of her own, and her half sister is obsessed with collecting pictures of milk carton kids, and Delilah doesn't know who to believe about anything.

Even though the story is rather bizarre, I still enjoyed this book from cover to cover, and had a hard time putting it down until I was finished.  A very enjoyable read, and I highly recommend it. 


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Disclosure: I received a review copy of The Truth About Delilah Blue from Harper Collins. I received no compensation for my thoughts.


  1. It sounded a very confusing and poignant story. So many children seem to be pulled this way and that due to shortcomings/differences between parents.

  2. I had this book in my hand the other day, but did not buy it. I will be re-thinking my decision. Great review.

  3. Mystica and Lynn, thank you for your comments. It was a very different kind of book, but I did enjoy it. Hope my review didn't discourage you from reading this one.