Aug 1, 2010

Angel Song by Sheila Walsh and Kathryn Cushman

Angels eagerly watch over Annie Fletcher's every move. She just doesn't know it yet.

When Annie Fletcher returns to Charleston to see her younger sister, Sarah, receive her master's degree, she finds herself riding in the back of an ambulance, watching helplessly as Sarah fights for life. During the ride, Sarah appears to talk to someone who is not there, humming a melody Annie has never heard before.

Neighbor Ethan McKinney is there to lend a shoulder when Sarah unexpectedly dies. And as a carpenter, Ethan volunteers to help Annie get the Fletcher family home into shape for selling. Ethan's presence is distracting, but what troubles Annie is her neighbor Tammy's 12-year-old son. Keith has Down Syndrome and the guile to believe he can see and hear angels.

God begins to reveal Himself to Annie - both in her newfound friends and through heart-rending and clearly supernatural events. Annie discovers faith in God, finally experiencing the comfort that His angels really do surround us.


Angel Song is a story about Annie, an interior decorator from New York City who has returned to the small family home in Charleston where she grew up. She went home to help her sister Sarah celebrate receiving her master’s degree. Within hours of arriving home, everything is changed forever as the sisters are involved in a serious traffic accident.

Annie has always felt abandoned by her mother, then her grandmother, and now her sister. She can’t help but get drawn into the lives of her sister’s neighbors and friends, yet she fights against letting anyone get close to her. She has never allowed anyone to know who she really is, deep inside. Annie’s journey to believe in God’s divine intervention and love is a painful one, but she is surrounded by special friends that help her to finally allow her heart to be softened.

One character in the book totally stole my heart, a young 12 year boy named Keith who has Down Syndrome. His beautiful yet simple faith is an inspiration and he reached out to everyone with honesty and unconditional love. Maybe we all need to slow down once in a while, and maybe we would hear the angels too!

MY RATING - 5 out of 5

Disclosure: I received a review copy of Angel Song through Book Sneeze. I received no compensation for my thoughts.

Angel Song
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (August 10, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1595546855
ISBN-13: 978-1595546852

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