Aug 12, 2010

Long Time Coming by Vanessa Miller

Faithful Christian Deidre Clark-Morris is a professional career-minded woman with a loving husband, but no children. Kenisha Smalls has lived in poverty all her life. She has three children by three different men and has just been diagnosed with inoperable cervical cancer. While the meeting between these two women appears accidental, it becomes their catalyst of hope. Neither woman expects the blessing that God has in store for her. While Deidre will guide Kenisha on the path to eternal life with Jesus Christ, Kenisha will teach Deidre how to stand strong against the hard-knocks of life.

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Two very different women, with very different lives and experiences. Deidre and Kenisha are brought together through some very heartbreaking circumstances, each with their own hurts and disappointments in life. One woman is infertile and heartbroken, and the other one is a single Mom of three small children and she is dying from cervical cancer. God had a bigger plan for these two families than either of the women could ever have imagined.

Even through the darkest days, these two women and their families are bonded together in love and compassion for each other. This book is a very emotional one, as broken lives are healed and broken relationships are restored. Long Time Coming is about two special women who finally accepted God's plan for their lives, even though they did not understand at the time. Once they finally were able to let go of past hurts and pain, they were able to see the bigger plan that God had in store for them.

This is a great story, and I highly recommend it.

Disclosure: I reviewed an electronic copy of Long Time Coming through Net Galley. I received no compensation for my thoughts.

Long Time Coming
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Abingdon Press (November 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1426707681
ISBN-13: 978-1426707681

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