Sep 28, 2010

The King's Christmas List by Eldon Johnson

Emma couldn’t wait to go to the King’s birthday party, but what should she bring? Emma and her little dog Shu-Shu were thrilled to be invited to the King’s birthday party. But what do you get a King for his birthday? Emma and Shu-Shu have no gift, but they bring the Christmas cake they made with Mom and put on their Sunday best as they dash to the King’s carriage. And of course, Emma couldn’t go anywhere without her beloved Cherry-Bear. On the way, they have encounters that lead them to bestow their cake, winter-cape, and even Cherry-Bear, on others. Now they’re chilly, rumpled, and empty-handed—what will the King think? Emma frets, but when they finally meet the King at his palace, they discover they gave the King exactly what he wanted.

Children and parents will be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, and that the greatest gifts we can offer to the Savior are gifts to the least of his brothers and sisters (based on Matthew 25:40). Families will be able to go online and be directed to notable charities to give their own gift to the King.


Just in time for Christmas, The King's Christmas List is a delightful book about a little girl named Emma and her dog Shu-Shu.  They are on their way to a Christmas party for the King, and they are eager to bring gifts for Him.  On their journey, they come across some other children in great need, and Emma doesn't hesitate to share whatever she has with these children.  She is sad when she arrives at the party without a gift for the King, but she soon finds out that she has already given the perfect gift, just by sharing her heart with others.

This book reminds us all of the importance of taking care of our fellow man.  It is a great lesson for children of all ages as to the true meaning of Christmas. At the end of the book there are suggested options that help children (and adults) to share with those less fortunate, in the true Christmas holiday spirit.

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of The King's Christmas List from Book Sneeze, in exchange for my honest review.  I was not compensated for my thoughts.

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  1. This book looks wonderful, thanks for your great review. It reminds me of one I just got for my daughter by Peter John Lucking called, "Santa & The Little Teddy Bear." The story is beautifully designed to teach the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate. My daughter is receiving a lot of joy from this one :}.