Oct 8, 2010

The Naturals by Sharon R C Petersen

The Naturals, written by Sharon R C Petersen, is 170 pages long and has more than 50 beautiful illustrations. It includes ten heart-warming, connecting stories for 4-10 year olds, humorously reflecting a sense of belonging within our natural world, and embracing children, parents and grandparents alike.

Does Windy have good intentions when she blows an old lady's umbrella away? Is Snowy being mischievous when she stops Foxy's father from finding him before nightfall, or does her protective white blanket actually save the young fox cub's life? Is Moony's bright light merely a nuisance to Tiny Mouse when she's trying to sleep, or do his beams have a purpose when she gets lost one night deep in the woods?

These captivating stories show children in a fun and emotive way just how special and wonderful our natural world is, and helps to inspire within young hearts and minds a sense of connection and belonging which, in turn encourages them to want to protect our natural environment.

From Hooligan HAILSTONES heavy-handedly trying to do the right thing and coming to the rescue, silent SNOWY helping Foxy out of danger; to annoying WINDY forever blowing around and just trying to be useful...

With constant, reliable SUNNY showing she's never far away to help, and caring Mother EARTH trying to protect the next generation of seedlings, CLOUDY keeps a baby cool and out of SUNNY's heat...

Meanwhile mischievous STARRY shows us all what it's really like to be a star, and wise, helpful MOONY shows how he continues to light our way...

And finally RAINY comes in handy, and RAINBOW desperately tries to show herself off before time runs out...

Sound, moral values shine through from each of the ten stories. These stories are designed to be read to children, encouraging the important feelings of connection between parent/grandparent/carer and children. It is these very same feelings which will enable children to care for the world we live in. 

For more information on the book or the author, go to http://thenaturals.uk.com 

The Naturals by Sharon R C Petersen
ISBN: 978-1846243400
Publisher: Book Guild Ltd
Date of publish: August 26, 2010
Pages: 170


Most of the characters in this book are elements in nature - cloudy, snowy, windy, moony, hailstones, sunny, rainbow, rainy, starry and earth.  Each of these characters has a definite purpose, yet they are often  misunderstood.

The Naturals has ten individual stories that will delight and entertain children, and at the same time teach them some valuable lessons.  Each story is followed by questions to reinforce the lesson learned.  For example, these are some questions found at the end of The Story of Cloudy:

  • Was Baby Eagle right to judge Cloudy just by looking at his size? Do you think he has now learnt that size doesn't matter?
  • Could Cloudy have chosen to ignore Baby Eagle's plight - and had a nice relaxing day leisurely drifting on by?
This book has some interesting stories, along with great moral lessons. It kind of reminded me of some old stories that I shared with my own children when they were young, many years ago.  The recommended age for this book is 4-10 year olds, but I am not sure if it would captivate children as young as four or five. There are not very many pictures, and they are quite small.  Older children would likely get more out of the stories and be able to respond to the numerous questions.

Disclosure:  I received this book directly from the author Sharon R C Petersen, through Bostick Communications.  I was not compensated for my thoughts.

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