Oct 11, 2010

Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer

12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind

Joyce Meyer has a knack for coining phrases-her fans call them Joyceisms-and one of her best loved is "Where the mind goes, the man follows." This was the basis for Battlefield of the Mind, and in her latest book, Meyer provides "power thoughts," bringing the reader to a new level of ability to use the mind as a tool to achievement.

In POWER THOUGHTS, she outlines a flexible program to turn thoughts into habits, and habits into success. Sections include:

  • The Power of a Positive You
  • 5 Rules for Keeping Your Attitude at the Right Altitude
  • More Power To You bulleted keys to successful thinking in each chapter
  • The Power of Perspective

Nobody has more of a "can-do" attitude than Joyce Meyer. Now you can, too.


Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers, with her TV and radio broadcast, Enjoying Everyday Life, airing on nearly 450 television networks and 400 radio stations worldwide, including Lifetime, ABC Family Channel, Trinity Broadcast Network, Daystar Satellite, and the Word Network.

Her bestselling books include Battlefield of the Mind, Look Great, Feel Great, The Confident Woman, I Dare You, and Never Give Up!

Joyce holds conferences approximately 15 times each year, worldwide, speaking to thousands.

Visit the author's website at www.joycemeyer.org


Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer is a book that can change your life. I believe that each person who reads this book and faithfully follows the 12 week program outlined will be forever changed.

The book covers 12 amazing "power thoughts", and here are some of the topics covered:
  • I can do whatever I need to do in life through Christ
  • God loves me unconditionally
  • I am not difficult to offend
  • I am content and emotionally stable
  • I pursue peace with God, myself and others
Joyce recommends that when you start the program, you should read through the entire book so you have an idea of what the twelve power thoughts are. Then go back to the first power thought and meditate on it for one week. Write down the power thought and put it in several places where you will see it every day. Get a journal and write down your own thoughts, and for even more encouragement ... talk to a friend about what you are learning.

It is suggested that that you repeat the same process for each of the 12 power thought chapters, then immediately start over again, especially with the ones that you feel you need most. There are many questions interspersed within each of the chapters titled "Think About It", where you are encouraged to journal your own thoughts or personal issues.

As in all of Joyce Meyer's books, her thoughts are based on scripture and biblical truth. I quickly read through the entire book and can't wait to get started on the recommended 12 week program. There are some "powerful thoughts" that I know can really change my life, and I might have to do an updated review of this book at a later time.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Power Thoughts from Hachette Books, in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated for my thoughts.


  1. Sounds amazing. I love her. She's so easy to relate to. Have you ever seen her speak in person?

  2. Hi Juju, no I have never seen Joyce in person, but I would love to!