Oct 19, 2010

When the Devil Whistles by Rick Acker

Allie Whitman and Connor Norman loved making the devils of the corporate world pay. Now, it’s their turn. And the price could be their lives.

“I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t.” That’s what Allie Whitman tells herself every night as she lies awake. Sometimes she even believes it. But mostly she knows deep down that her inability to make a hard choice has put millions of lives at risk, including her own. Now the only one who can help her is her lawyer, Connor Norman. Unfortunately, Allie’s actions have destroyed Connor’s trust in her — and may destroy much, much more.


Rick Acker is a Deputy Attorney General in the California Department of Justice. He prosecutes corporate fraud lawsuits like those described in When the Devil Whistles. He has led confidential investigations into a number of large and sensitive cases that made headlines in and out of California. Rick holds law degrees from the University of Oslo and the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated with honors. In addition to his novels, he is a contributing author on two legal treatises published by the American Bar Association. Rick lives with his wife in the San Francisco area. Visit him on the Web at: www.rickacker.com.


High stakes in the financial world, fraud against the government, courtroom drama, and danger ... unbelievable danger. Allie and Connor find themselves in a terrifying situation, and their every move is being monitored ... by the bad guys. Their very lives are at stake, and all because they wanted the corporate players to pay for their illegal actions.

This legal thriller is filled with intense drama and suspense, and intertwines the lives of a professional whistle blower, lawyers, private investigators and the criminals who will stop at nothing to protect themselves. When the Devil Whistles is a great story that will keep you on edge until the very end, just hoping that the good guys will finally win. I highly recommend this book, but be prepared to stay up all night riveted by all the action.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of When the Devil Whistles through Abingdon Press, in exchange for my honest review.

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