Nov 20, 2010

Power to Reinvent Yourself by Jason Frenn

Evangelist and author Jason Frenn details five steps accessing Christ's power to break the chains of destructive patterns that afflict generation after generation. Many families suffer from dysfunction and conflict handed down from one generation to the next, and the cycle repeats itself with greater and greater severity. Parents struggle to keep their families from eroding as they helplessly watch their kids, teenagers, and adult children fall into overwhelming patterns of self-destruction. But there is a power that can set these families free and change their future.

In this book, readers experience the story of the author and his family, and how he was rescued from destruction. Each reader can find the POWER TO REINVENT YOURSELF and obtain a life of significance, success, and victory!


Jason Frenn has held more than 50 international crusades where more than 2 million people have heard the presentation of the Gospel. He has seen more than 200,000 first time decisions for Christ. In addition to being a missionary evangelist, Jason is a bestselling author and has a daily live evangelistic radio program on Radio Nueva Vida with a listening audience of 500,000 people covering parts of Oregon, all of California, and Northern Mexico. Jason is a dynamic speaker who speaks to English and Spanish audiences.

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Power to Reinvent Yourself: How to Break the Destructive Patterns in Your Life is a real eye-opener. I was drawn into this book by the simple stories of how others experienced a dramatic change in their lives, simply by looking at their "perception and perspective" in a different way.

Jason Frenn illustrates in his book that lots of experts can instruct us HOW to change certain habits or behaviors in our life, but the most effective way is to first figure out WHY we want to make changes. Discovering the reason is the key, and it will become a personal motivation to finally break the destructive pattern.

The chapters in this book include the following: Discover Your Why, Change Your Perceptions, Break the Cycle of Destructive Behavior, Form Godly Habits, Choose to Forgive, and Overcome with the Help of Others.  The conclusion chapter is titled "Unleash Real Power in Your Life!"

Filled with lots of practical and scriptural ways to break the barriers that are holding us back from living a life of freedom, this book is a great resource for personal reflection and also for group discussions. There are several pages of group discussion questions and personal applications in the back of the book.

Overall, I found this book to be extremely motivational, and it has challenged me to search my life for reasons WHY I have not been successful in breaking destructive patterns in my life. 

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Power to Reinvent Yourself from Hachette Books in exchange for my honest review.

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