Dec 13, 2010

The Christmas Journey by Donna VanLiere

The eighty-mile journey of a common carpenter and a simple peasant girl is one of the most powerful stories in history. As books go out of print and stories fade from memory, the journey of Joseph and Mary and her delivery inside a common barn continues to bless and inspire hope in people around the world.

Accompanied by moving and beautifully rendered illustrations throughout, Donna VanLiere’s retelling shows that the story of the Nativity is alive in our modern world.

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The Christmas Journey is a beautiful and thought-provoking journey back to the time of the birth of Jesus. The book begins with the traditional Christmas story from the second chapter of Luke.

Donna VanLiere then takes the reader on a journey to a much deeper understanding of that first Christmas Eve. It gives a small glimpse into what Joseph might have been thinking as his young wife is bent over with the pain of childbirth. What was Mary thinking as the birth moment approached? Was she lonesome for a woman's touch to help her through the last moments before the birth? Was she broken-hearted when she looked at her surroundings? Did the noises and smell of the barn animals bother her?

This story is a beautiful reminder of the special journey that was made so many years ago. The Christmas Journey is now a permanent addition to my Christmas book collection, and I look forward to reading it again each Christmas.

My rating - 5 out of 5

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of The Christmas Journey through Authors on the Web, in exchange for my honest review.

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