Dec 26, 2010

The Judge Who Stole Christmas by Randy Singer

It starts innocently enough in the town square of Possum, Virginia. But it ends up as a spectacular national scandal: Can a federal judge outlaw Christmas?

Thomas Hammond and his wife play Joseph and Mary in the annual live nativity scene in their hometown. But a federal judge rules the display unconstitutional - and a Christmas showdown ensues. Thomas refuses to abide by the court order-and ends up in jail. From the courtrooms of Virginia to the talk shows of New York City, the battle escalates into a national media spectacle. Caught in the middle is law student Jasmine Woodfaulk - assigned to represent Thomas as part of her school's legal aid clinic.

Whatever happened to peace on earth?

Only a surprising series of events - nearly as humbling and unexpected as the origins of the season itself - can reconcile a stubborn father, a crusading law student and a recalcitrant judge.

The Judge Who Stole Christmas, by acclaimed author Randy Singer, is a charming, warm, and thought-provoking Christmas tale that explores in a fresh way the real reason for the season. 

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I love Christmas stories, and this awesome little book is now a new favourite. Written in typical Randy Singer style, there are lots of unexpected twists and turns. The book synopsis above is just perfect, and I can't add more or I will give away too much of the story.

I highly recommend this book, it is thought-provoking, humorous and entertaining ... and a perfect choice if you need just one more Christmas story before the holiday season is over.

Disclosure: I purchased a Kindle version of The Judge Who Stole Christmas through Amazon. I was not compensated for my thoughts.

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