Dec 5, 2010

The Shadowed Mind by Julie Cave

A suspense-filled mystery which answers an ominous question:

Who will be found worthy to live; who is the next victim?

After the deadly investigation into the Smithsonian murders, Dinah Harris is now facing a daily battle to keep her sobriety while struggling to form a new career from the ashes of her former job as an FBI agent. From the shadows will emerge a cunning and terrifying killer, who carefully and methodically will decide whose life has value to society and whose does not.

Using her profiling and security skills as a private consultant based in Washington, DC, Dinah uncovers a connection to the shadowy world of neo-eugenics, and those who publicly denounce the killings but privately support a much different view.

Against this backdrop, Dinah must come to terms with her own past, as those associated with the deepening mystery face their own personal demons, and struggle with the concept of God's inexhaustible grace and forgiveness. Old secrets are revealed, tragedies unearthed, and the devastating legacy of science without compassion is finally brought to light.

The second in a powerful new fiction trilogy!

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Part two in the Dinah Harris Mystery series, The Shadowed Mind is totally captivating from the first page.  I loved the first book in the series titled Deadly Disclosures, and posted my review earlier this year.

The age old questions of euthanasia, natural selection, and involuntary sterilization are examined, but from the perspective of detectives trying to solve a string of puzzling murders.  Their mission is to find a warped criminal who is sadly influenced by his own upbringing, and has been plotting his own personal part in "cleaning up" those that he feels are unworthy to live.

The mystery begins with the discovery of the first victim, and a mysterious photo is found on the body.  Each subsequent case has another clue that is left specifically for the detectives assigned to solve the murder.  Filled with danger, puzzling clues and their own personal demons, the detectives put everything they've got into stopping the evil criminal before he strikes again.

A story of the extent of evil possible in the lives of some, this book also demonstrates God's unconditional forgiveness, eternal hope and second chances. If you enjoy a suspense book that keeps you up at night, then you will love The Shadowed Mind.  I highly recommend this book!!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book through New Leaf Publishing Group, in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Ooooo I'm sucked in already. Sounds fantastic. I love a good mystery.