Feb 15, 2011

Unexpected Love by Andrea Boeshaar

Lorenna Fields has always taken her job at Chicago's Mercy Hospital seriously, determined never to become personally involved with her patients. But when a mysterious man with eyes like onyx is admitted after a shipwreck on Lake Michigan, she develops a connection with him that she can’t deny.

Slowly her patient regains consciousness, but to Renna’s dismay he has lost both his sight and his memory. Dubbed “Mr. Blackeyes” by her, the two build a strong, trusting friendship as they search for clues to his past. But part of her dreads the day of his recovery, convinced that his memories will take him away from her and his regained sight will reveal a secret about herself that Renna has been trying hard to hide.

I received this book as part of a FIRST blog tour, click here for more information and to read the first chapter. 


Unexpected Love is the third book in the Seasons of Redemption series, following Unwilling Warrior and Uncertain Heart. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books, so was eagerly looking forward to reading book three, and I was not disappointed.

I loved the main character of Renna! She has a birthmark on her cheek and has always believed that she had no chance at romance because she thought she was unattractive. At thirty years of age, she has devoted her life to her nursing career at the local hospital. One of the new patients captures her heart, but she doesn't want to admit that she has fallen in love. He doesn't remember who he is, and he is temporarily blind, so she feels safe for the time being. She worries that if his sight returns that he will be disgusted by her appearance.

Some exciting drama, a great story of new-found faith, and so much more make this an awesome book choice. I will definitely be watching for the next book in this series called Undaunted Faith, which is scheduled for release in May 2011.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Unexpected Love from Strang Communications in exchange for my honest review.

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