Jun 9, 2011

False Witness by Randy Singer

Clark Shealy is a bail bondsman with the ultimate bounty on the line: his wife's life. He has forty-eight hours to find an Indian professor in possession of the Abacus Algorithm—an equation so powerful it could crack all Internet encryption.

Four years later, law student Jamie Brock is working in legal aid when a routine case takes a vicious twist: she and two colleagues learn that their clients, members of the witness protection program, are accused of defrauding the government and have the encrypted algorithm in their possession. After a life-changing trip to the professor's church in India, the couple also has the key to decode it.

Now they're on the run from federal agents and the Chinese mafia, who will do anything to get the algorithm. Caught in the middle, Jamie and her friends must protect their clients if they want to survive long enough to graduate.

An adrenaline-laced thrill ride, this retelling of one of Randy Singer's most critically acclaimed novels takes readers from the streets of Las Vegas to the halls of the American justice system and the inner sanctum of the growing church in India with all the trademark twists, turns, and the legal intrigue his fans have come to expect.


Randy Singer is a critically acclaimed author and veteran trial attorney. He has penned 10 legal thrillers, including his award-winning debut novel, Directed Verdict. Randy runs his own law practice and has been named to Virginia Business magazine's select list of "Legal Elite" litigation attorneys. In addition to his law practice and writing, Randy serves as teaching pastor for Trinity Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He calls it his "Jekyll and Hyde thing"—part lawyer, part pastor. He also teaches classes in advocacy and civil litigation at Regent Law School and, through his church, is involved with ministry opportunities in India. He and his wife, Rhonda, live in Virginia Beach. They have two grown children. Visit his website at www.randysinger.net.


I really enjoyed previous books by Randy Singer and False Witness is another winner.

Again we find ourselves in the courtroom and in the legal system and confrontations with the American laws and of course the criminal element. In this fictional setting it is difficult to determine who the criminals really are. Is it the Manchurian Triad or the American authority?

The reason why Clark and his wife are pursued by all the parties is so  plausible that it is very scary and can be a reality very soon. Randy Singer has the abilities to see into the future and gives us warnings about the possibilities and disasterous consequences through his fictional writings. This book really made me think of what is next in our technological society.

I give this book a big thumps up and recommend it highly.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of False Witness courtesy of The B&B Media Group in exchange for my honest review.

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