Jun 30, 2011

Passing it On by Myles Munroe

Leaders everywhere, in arenas big and small, struggle with the desire and, frankly, the need to make sure their vision for the organization they have created or grown continues regardless of circumstances. And the question "what will be my legacy?" is a question all people ask themselves. Myles Munroe has observed that the tendency among leaders is to deal with this question as serious circumstances or retirement loom. Further, it is his belief that this is one of the most important decisions a leader will ever make.

This book is a wakeup call. Myles Munroe wants all leaders to focus on building the right team for the future and to make it a top priority because the process is not a quick one. Properly mentoring the right people to ensure the continuation of an organization is actually a process that must be woven into that organization over a span of years or even decades.

Chapter topics discussed include

  • The Chaos of Transition
  • The Leadership Dilemma
  • Living Beyond Your Generation
  • The Principles of Mentoring

PASSING IT ON shows how to use the concept of mentoring within an organization to value the distinct talents and abilities of the individuals. Mentoring is the pathway to developing leaders from within; leaders who are in line with the goals of the organization; leaders who are most likely to adopt and carry a vision forward. 


Myles Munroe is the founder of the Bahamas Faith Ministries, a network of outreaches and churches headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas. He is a gifted orator and speaks to audiences around the world as both a preacher in church and parachurch settings and as a motivational speaker at large business gatherings and for other non-church organizations. He's authored more than a half-dozen books. You can visit him on the web at www.bfmmm.com.


In a chapter titled "Vision and Succession", the following is a direct quote from Passing It On:

A leader is born when an individual is awakened to a human need that becomes a personal obsession and a driving passion, igniting a commitment and dedication that becomes more important than self-preservation, cultivating a will for personal sacrifice. This obsession eventually will manifest itself in perceptions and images that we call a vision. True vision will always produce sacrifice and require sacrifice. However, true vision is also of a magnitude that breaches the boundaries of our short existence on Planet Earth.

I really wanted to enjoy this book. I liked the subtitle of Passing it On, which is "Growing Your Future Leaders". But I honestly struggled to get through this one, I had a very hard time relating to most of the chapters in this book.

Written from the point of view of a business leader, pastor, international speaker and author, Myles Munroe has extensive experience and strong opinions about creating a legacy that will live on forever.

I believe that this book is better suited for a totally different audience than myself and most readers of this blog. I intend to pass the book onto someone I know who has a diverse leadership background and I look forward to his feedback.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book courtesy of Hachette Books in exchange for my honest review.

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