Jun 22, 2011

Thunder of Heaven by Tim LaHaye & Craig Parshall

The End Series by New York Times bestselling author Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall is an epic thrill ride ripped from today’s headlines and filtered through Scriptural prophecy. As world events begin setting the stage for the “end of days” foretold in Revelation, Joshua Jordan must weigh the personal price he must pay to save the nation he loves.

Thunder of Heaven appeals to the tens of millions of readers who have already made Tim LaHaye a household name and one of the best selling authors of all time. This book is a return to form for Tim LaHaye whose previous prophetic fiction series, Left Behind, has sold roughly 70 million copies.

Those who have read Left Behind and are eager for more highly charged fiction based on biblical prophesies will embrace Thunder of Heaven for the same reasons that turned Left Behind into the world’s most celebrated publishing phenomenons of the last two decades.


Thunder of Heaven is a fictional story with the absolute truth of Bible prophecy interwoven throughout, and is a real winner in this genre.

All we have to do is watch the news these days, and we can't help but wonder what could possibly be next in the headlines.  The present situations in the world point to the reality of God’s word found in the book of Ezekiel and specifically in Chapters 38 and 39.  The authors of Thunder in Heaven are  messengers of truth and reality as foretold in the Bible so many years ago.

This novel, even though classified as Christian fiction, is in reality a message for people to turn their lives around and turn to the only hope we have - which is a relationship with Jesus.

The novel is an enjoyable read and gives the reader something to think about. Get this book, enjoy the story and get a glimpse into what lies ahead.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book courtesy of AuthorsOnTheWeb.com in exchange for my honest review.

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