Jul 1, 2011

Delivery by Diana Prusik

Livi has struggled for decades to avoid her painful past, but she finds new purpose in her troubled life when she join the staff of her family's small-town florist shop. The strong and wacky Wilson's Florist gang monitors the pulse of Mount Helicon; tales of birth and death, sickness and sorrow, love and betrayal, and even forgiveness. And yet, privy to some of the community's deepest secrets, she sometimes wishes she didn't know so much -- especially when news arrives that a dear family friend is dead.

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I guess I never really thought about how a flower shop is the hub of a community. Flowers welcome babies, they help to celebrate love and happy occasions, and flowers honor someone's memory when they are no longer with us. No matter what the occasion, flowers have become a vital part of life.

The girls at the flower shop have seen it all ... from the happy times to the devastating and painfully hard times. They have experienced love and loss firsthand and also from a distance. The title of the book is about so much more than delivery of flowers, but also deliverance from the troubles in our lives.

This story speaks of letting go of the past, of finding hope to forge ahead even when things are rough, and opening hearts to new beginnings. Though a fictional story, it is filled with inspiration and truth.

This was a perfect read for a warm summer day, and I couldn't put it down. At least, not until I had to put it down to reach for tissues to wipe my tears. Highly recommended!

Disclosure: I reviewed this electronic galley through Net Galley, courtesy of the publisher Tyndale. I was not compensated for my thoughts.


  1. This book sounds like I would enjoy reading it, and the cover art is super BTW.

  2. I am honored by your warm review of my debut novel. Thanks so much for reading Delivery and spreading the word! Blessings to you!

  3. I just finished reading Delivery. I purchased it for my Nook and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to savor the ending. I'll post a review on my blog soon. Blessings, BJ

  4. Thanks, Barbara! I look forward to reading your review--and to reading your upcoming release. :-)