Jul 9, 2011

Stealing Jake by Pam Hillman

When Livy O'Brien spies a young boy jostling a man walking along the boardwalk, she recognizes the act for what it is. After all, she used to be known as Light-Fingered Livy. But that was before she put her past behind her and moved to the growing town of Chestnut, Illinois, where she's helping to run an orphanage. Now she'll do almost anything to protect the street kids like herself.

Sheriff's deputy Jake Russell had no idea what he was in for when he ran into Livy — literally — while chasing down a pickpocket. With a rash of robberies and a growing number of street kids in town—as well as a loan on the family farm that needs to be paid off —Jake doesn't have time to pursue a girl. Still, he can't seem to get Livy out of his mind. He wants to get to know her better ... but Livy isn't willing to trust any man, especially not a lawman.

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Format: Kindle Edition

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (June 24, 2011)


Moving to Chestnut, Illinois in the 1870's, Livy knows first-hand what it's like to live on the street. Her heart goes out to any children struggling for their very survival. Together with elderly Mrs. Brooks, Livy has started an orphanage to help the children. They don't have much to offer but somehow are able to provide a place to stay, nourishing food and unconditional love.

A cycle of robberies occur in the small frontier town, and of course the street kids are blamed. Livy knows the kids are innocent, and just struggling to survive. She works tirelessly trying to convince the kids to trust her and move into the orphanage.

Jake Russell is working as a sheriff's deputy, desperate to earn enough to keep the family farm. His day to day run-ins with the street kids and Livy soon change his mind about the true victims in the small town.

For a really different kind of historical fiction story, check out Stealing Jake. It was very interesting to get a glimpse into the plight of homeless children so many years ago.  And who doesn't love a great story of romance?

Stealing Jake is available in electronic format only, part of Tyndale's Digital First program, currently available at Amazon.com.

Disclosure:  I reviewed this electronic galley through Net Galley, courtesy of the publisher Tyndale. I was not compensated for my thoughts.

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