Aug 7, 2011

52 Ways to Wow Your Husband by Pam Farrel

With the same candor and creativity that made Men Are Life Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti (more than 270,000 copies sold) a bestseller, author Pam Farrel gives wives 52 ways to wow their husbands and add spark to their marriages. Pam delivers humor in her fun woman-to-woman style through inspirational stories, godly advice, and easy-to-read offerings that include:

  • wow assignments: simple ways to support, love, and encourage husbands
  • wow wisdom: Bible verses and wisdom to help women cover their spouse with prayer
  • wow dates: creative ideas for everything from shared meals to weekend getaways

Newlyweds, married with kids, or empty nesters will appreciate these ideas crafted for the busy life. A woman can try one idea a week for a year or take on a few at a time to deepen her spiritual, emotional, and physical bond with her loved one. 

Pam Farrel and her husband, Bill, are the authors of Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti (more than 280,000 copies sold) and Red-Hot Monogamy. In addition, Pam has written 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband and The 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make. They are cofounders and codirectors of Love-Wise, an organization to help people connect love and wisdom and bring practical insights to their personal relationships.

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Title: 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband
SubTitle: How to Put a Smile on His Face
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Pub Date: 08/01/2011
ISBN: 9780736937801

For any woman who would like to add a little extra spark and excitement to their marriage, this is a great resource to get things rolling.  The theme of this book is all about putting a smile on your husband's face.  And if he is smiling, you will be smiling too.

The book is designed to be used over a one year period and it covers a wide variety of topics.  One wow per week, to be used in random order, however it suits your life. 

Some of the 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband chapter titles are: Addicted to Hubby, Take a Break from Facebook and Face Him, Love Under Pressure, Leave Him Alone, Get a Pen, Light His Fire, Laugh a Little, and Be a Cheap Date.

I liked the suggestion about gathering your girlfriends, sisters or sisters-in-law to make a pact to wow your men. It isn't a competition, but just a way to encourage each other to follow through from week to week.  It is not a place to share juicy details, but an incentive to pray for each other's marriages.

This book will ultimately strengthen marriages, and no matter how long we have been married, we can always add a little more spark and fun. 

Disclosure: I received an ebook through Net Galley, courtesy of the publisher Harvest House Publishers. I was not compensated for my thoughts.

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  1. Sounds like a great book, thanks for the review! :)