Aug 23, 2011

Heather Song by Michael Phillips

Newly married, Marie and Alaster Reidhaven's life seems idyllic. But things start to fall apart when the Duke's sister's curses and spells start to plague them. Alaster dies and again Marie is widowed. Marie returns to Canada to visit her dying father. The reunion is tender and healing for them both.

Unexpectedly months later, Marie is astonished to learn that back in Scotland, her deceased husband Alaster never signed their pre-nup and had instead undertaken the legalities necessary to insure his estate would indeed go to Marie. Olivia is furious and full of threats and attempts to kill Marie and then disappears. Marie inherits and again assumes the title and role of duchess.

But now the other half of her former "love triangle" bubbles up from out of her past. Marie and Grahm begin seeing each other "as friends" awaiting God's leading.

Olivia reappears and again tries to kill Marie. Olivia eventually dies of cancer, unrepentant. The Reidhaven family line is at an end, the legacy of their memory to be carried forward by Marie who loved, in the end, all of them.

Michael Phillips has been writing in the Christian marketplace for 30 years. All told, he has written, co-written, and edited some 110 books. Phillips and his wife live in the U.S., and make their second home in Scotland.

Category: FICTION
Publish Date: 9/19/2011
ISBN: 9780446567725
Pages: 512

Heather Song is the continuation of Angel Harp, which I had the pleasure of reviewing earlier this year. A tender love story played out in an historic castle in the hills of Scotland, this amazing story also includes deep faith, heartache, terminal illness, as well as vindictive and greedy relatives that will stop at nothing to get what they believe is rightfully theirs.

I loved the stories of Marie and her passion for music. She opened up the castle to students of all ages who wanted to learn how to play the harp. Her love for her new community and its people was incredible, and she felt it a privilege to share her time by teaching others.

Marie had so many changes in her life, losing both her husband and her father in a short time period. She traveled back and forth across the continents trying to find closure with all her personal losses. Just when she thought things were finally settling down, she was thrust into the middle of a huge legal battle.

There were a few times that I struggled with the deep Scottish dialogue from some of the characters, but overall, I love this book! I will definitely be checking out other titles by Michael Phillips in the near future.

Disclosure: Ebook received through Net Galley, courtesy of Hachette Book Group. I was not compensated for my thoughts.

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