Oct 29, 2011

I Never Thought I'd See the Day! by Dr. David Jeremiah

Is Western civilization in an accelerating decline? And if it continues will it eventually weaken and cause us to come to the end of cultured civilization as we now know it? "Yes," says David Jeremiah, and in his book, I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE THE DAY! he details numerous signs of this cultural decay including:

  • America held hostage by Iran
  • Marriage becoming obsolete
  • Creeping socialism
  • The invisibility of culture's enemies
  • Increase in "spiritual warfare"
  • America turning its back on Israel
  • Atheist attack on religion

Can this downward spiral be reversed? Yes, but only if one person at a time returns to God with our heart, our manner of life, our dedication to genuine worship of God, in serving God by helping others, in our giving, and in prayer.

Dr. David Jeremiah is the founder of Turning Point Ministries, a nonprofit organization devoted to "delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world." A pastor's son born in Toledo, Ohio, he graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and received his doctorate from Cedarville College. David and his wife, Donna, have four children and ten grandchildren, and live in San Diego.

Category: RELIGION
Publish Date:10/4/2011
ISBN: 9780446565950
Pages: 352

Dr. David Jeremiah is a leading pastor, teacher, tv and radio personality, and author of many books. In his latest title, I Never Thought I'd See the Day!, he talks about many of the issues prevalent in today's society.

Now I understand why Dr. Jeremiah is so respected as a minister and teacher. He takes a look at current events, he does vast amounts of research, and then he parallels what we see on the daily news with a Biblical perspective.

For example, David Jeremiah uncovers and examines many of the beliefs of atheism.  Some famous atheists eventually admit that many aspects of their belief are actually fabrications, and they reluctantly admit to the existence of some kind of intelligent design. He debunks them all.

This book deals with some very serious and eye-opening subjects. At the same time, it is a serious challenge for Christians to be a source of inspiration in the midst of a very troubled world.

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely!

Disclosure: Review copy received courtesy of Faith Words/Hachette Books, in exchange for my honest review.

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