Nov 11, 2011

The Lucado Inspirational Reader by Max Lucado

For more than 25 years, Max Lucado has walked with us through life’s journey. With wisdom, grace, and compassion, he’s covered topics like salvation and victory. Comfort and the cross. God’s love and ultimate grace.

The Lucado Inspirational Reader gathers the most memorable one-liners, paragraphs, stories, and teachings from a lifetime of inspiring bestsellers into one volume. These are the words that you’ll want to turn to time and again for hope and encouragement.

It’s filled with illustrations, anecdotes, and quotes for those times when you’re looking for just the right words and indexed for easy reference. Spend a few minutes or a few hours being refreshed and encouraged by messages straight from Max’s heart to yours.

The Lucado Inspirational Reader is a treasury of hope and encouragement including sections of many of Max Lucado's previously published books. Max has been one of my favourite authors for many years, and I was excited to check out his latest book that combines "the best of the best" of his writing.

Spread over the 450 pages in this book is a comprehensive and complete collection of topics like compassion, forgiveness, the cross, hope, worship, second chances, and so much more. The topical index is extremely detailed and provides access to specific subject areas quickly and easily.

Here is a quote that I love from page 249, which was originally from the book titled "In The Eye of the Storm."

     I'm not one who easily envisions a smiling God. A weeping God, yes. An angry God, OK. A mighty God, you bet. But a chuckling God? It seems too ... too ... too unlike what God should do-and be. Which just shows how much I know-or don't know about God.
     What do I think he was doing when he stretched the neck of the giraffe? An exercise in engineering? What do I think he had in mind when he told the ostrich where to put his head? Spelunking? What do I think he was doing when he designed the mating call of the ape? Or the eight legs of the octopus? And what do I envision on his face when he saw Adam's first glance at Eve? A yawn?
     As my vision improves, and I'm able to read without my stained glasses, I'm seeing that a sense of humor is perhaps the only way God has put up with us for so long.
     Is that him with a smile as Moses does a double take at the burning bush that speaks?
     Is he smiling again as Jonah lands on the beach, dripping gastric juices and smelling like whale breath?
     Is that a twinkle in his eye as he watches the disciples feed thousands with one boy's lunch?
     Do you think that his face is deadpan as he speaks about the man with a two-by-four in his eye who points out a speck in a friend's eye?
     Can you honestly imagine Jesus bouncing children on his knee with a somber face?
     No, I think that Jesus smiled. I think that he smiled a bit at people and a lot with people.

If you have never read a Max Lucado book before, this is an awesome collection that will inspire you to read more of his books. I already love his writing, and this volume is almost like having a photo album of my favourite parts from my own collection.

This book would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone on your list.

Disclosure: Book received through Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review.

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