Nov 2, 2011

Pirate of My Heart by Jamie Carie

When her doting father dies, Lady Kendra Townsend is given a choice: marry the horrid man of her cold, money-grubbing uncle's choosing or leave England to risk a new life in America with unknown relatives. Armed with the faith that God has a plan for her, Kendra boards a cargo ship and meets American sea captain Dorian Colburn.

But the captain has been wounded by a woman before and guards his independent life. A swashbuckling man doesn't need an English heiress to make him slow down, feel again, or be challenged with questions about his faith-or so he thinks. It is not until Dorian must save Kendra from the dark forces surrounding her that he decides she may be worth the risk.

Jamie Carie writes novels about fierce, passionate women; their dreams; their fears; their triumphs. Her deepest desire is to see her readers find that same passion as they follow their destiny and discover deeper intimacy with Jesus. She lives in Indianapolis with her husband and three sons.

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Pirate of My Heart is historical fiction at it's finest. Poor Lady Kendra never knew her mother, as she died the day that Kendra was born. Her father died in a tragic carriage accident, and Kendra's life is in the hands of her greedy and devious uncle. Instead of marrying an unsuitable man, Kendra chooses an unknown future in America.

She is totally unprepared for the dangerous journey by merchant ship, with pirate attacks, loneliness, and the unwanted attention from the handsome ship's captain. Finally arriving at the home of her as yet unknown relatives in America, her life gets even more complicated.

For a great story of mystery, danger and romance, I highly recommend Pirate of My Heart.

Disclosure: I won a copy of this book on The Book Club Network Inc.

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