Feb 24, 2012

A Ranger's Trail by Darlene Franklin

This is the fourth book in a six-book series about four generations of the Morgan family living, fighting, and thriving amidst a turbulent Texas history spanning from 1845 to 1896. Although a series, each book can be read on its own.

In 1875 Buck Morgan rode into Mason County with the Texas Rangers to quell the violence stirred up by the actions a vigilante mob. The Hoo Doo (or bad luck) War erupted as suspected cattle rustlers were murdered by an angry mob. Former ranger, Scott Cooley, gathers a gang to seek vengeance for the murders.

Suspected of cattle rustling, Leta Derrick’s husband was murdered by the mob a year earlier. Now she is siding with the rogue ranger, Scott Cooley and refuses to help Buck Morgan stem the tide of violence.

Will their actions fuel the fire of vengeance? Or will Buck and Leta strike an accord that leads to more than just peace?

DARLENE FRANKLIN is the author of fourteen contracted books and novellas as well as several hundred short pieces. Two of her books have been finalists in ACFW's Book of the year contest: Dressed in Scarlet and A String of Murders. Darlene lives in Oklahoma near her son's family. Visit her website for information on upcoming titles.

A Ranger's Trail is the fourth book in this series, and I have read them all ... and look forward to reading the final two books as soon as they are available.

It is hard to imagine living in a time when neighbors fight against neighbors, taking justice into their own hands. Leta Derrick lost her husband to a senseless and violent mob who didn't agree with a decision made by the courts. Now she is struggling to keep the family ranch running, and raising her six year old son on her own.

Buck Morgan is employed as a Texas Ranger, and his mission is to stop the violence and arrest the persons responsible.  He has no idea how even his own family is caught in the middle of the horrible situation.

Leta doesn't want to trust the handsome Ranger, but her circumstances are desperate, and she has to lean on someone.  The last thing Buck expected on his trip across Texas was to lose his heart. Together, Leta and Buck have some extremely painful lessons to learn, and they both struggle with knowing who to trust.

I highly recommend the entire Morgan Family Series to anyone who loves historical/western fiction.

Disclosure: Ebook received through Net Galley courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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