Mar 3, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Soul, Food and Love

101 Stories Celebrating Special Times with Family and Friends... and Recipes Too!

Food is an expression of love — both the romantic kind and the comforting kind between family and friends. With its savory, sweet, and sometimes spicy stories, this delightful collection will sprinkle in laughs, warm hearts of readers, and stir up memories that certain aromas and tastes always bring. Readers will relish the stories on how love and food together played a flavorful part in life. Some recipes included too!

This collection of Chicken Soup for the Soul stories reminds me of homemade soup, which is a comfort food in our family. The stories are written by a wide variety of authors, but they have a common theme of family, friends, good times, and delicious food.

Whenever I read a Chicken Soup for the Soul collection of stories, there are always a handful of stories that seem to stand out.  One of my favourites from this particular book is titled "Life's Simple, Sweet Pleasures" and is written by Sally Schwartz Friedman.  Sally reminisces about her early days of marriage and motherhood, and her search to make a signature dessert especially for her family.  Through many attempts and failures, she finally found the perfect dessert that continues to mark their family's milestones and celebrations.  As she says, "It is a modest, simple pleasure in a complicated world." I loved this story, and I can totally relate.  If you want to find out what her perfect family recipe is, you might need to pick up a copy of the book for yourself and read all about it.

"Food and Love" really do go hand in hand, and this is a fantastic book that celebrates that fact.

Disclosure: Book received courtesy of Shelton Interactive/Chicken Soup for the Soul, in exchange for my honest review.

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