Mar 9, 2012

Letters to Heaven by Calvin Miller

Reaching Beyond the Great Divide ... Inspiration to make your earthly experience more heavenly.

Have you ever felt a sense of unfinished business with those who have preceded you into eternity? Ever wished you could have even a few minutes to articulate your love and appreciation for their impact on your life? In Letters to Heaven, best-selling author Calvin Miller inspires us all to say what we haven’t yet said to those who brought a brightness to our lives or challenged us to live more fully through their own.

In these touching, provocative, and uplifting letters, he poignantly and personally remembers legends such as Johnny Cash, C. S. Lewis, and Farrah Fawcett, along with close friends, family members, and others who influenced him along the way. Even more, he offers timely perspective for each of us, showing us how to live and love now—mindful that eternity is only a step away.

These moving tributes are not only compelling reminders to speak our words of gratitude while there is still time. They also combine beautiful lessons for this life with uplifting promises for the next.

Calvin Miller is a best-selling author with nearly 4 million books in print. Praised by such well-known voices as Max Lucado and Eugene Peterson, Miller travels and speaks all over the world and is a former professor of preaching and pastoral ministry at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School. He and his wife make their home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Letters to Heaven is an unusual kind of book. Calvin Miller has written letters to a selection of people who have already died but they somehow influenced his life. Some of them he knew personally, while others he admired from a distance. This book is full of things he would say if he could see them face to face.

One letter that I really enjoyed was the one titled Bubba and Nola. This is a story of a mother who passionately and patiently cared for her severely handicapped son with cerebral palsy. He passed away when he was twenty years old, and he was never able to care for himself, say his mother's name, or any of the other things that we take for granted with our children.

The letter to Bubba and Nola is filled with the beautiful imagery of their first meeting in heaven, when Bubba is finally able to say hello to his Mom. All the anguish from his time on earth has been replaced with peace and happiness. What an uplifting and inspirational letter!

Some of the letters have a more somber tone, which I found challenging and thought-provoking. In the letter to C.S. Lewis, he had many questions about the last book that Mr. Lewis wrote titled "A Grief Observed". Mr Miller wanted to know if the helplessness expressed in this book was due to Mr. Lewis' deteriorating health or his own personal grief at the loss of his wife.

Letters to Heaven is not a quick and easy read. It is the type of book that should be read slowly, pondered, and digested bit by bit. It challenges us to say what we haven't yet said to people we care about, before it's too late.

Disclosure: Review copy received courtesy of PR by the Book/Worthy Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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