Mar 22, 2012

Need You Now by Beth Wiseman

When big-city life threatens the safety of one of their children, Brad and Darlene Henderson move with their three teenagers from Houston to the tiny town of Round Top, Texas.

Adjusting to small-town life is difficult for the kids, especially fifteen-year-old Grace who is coping in a dangerous way.

Married life hasn’t always been bliss, but their strong faith has carried them through the difficult times. When Darlene takes a job outside the home for the first time in their marriage, the domestic tension rises.

While working with special needs children at her new job, the widowed father of one of Darlene’s students starts paying more attention to her than is appropriate. Problem is, she feels like someone is listening to her for the first time in a long time. If Darlene ever needed God…it’s now.

Experience a family’s triumphant defeat over lies, betrayal, and loss while still clinging to the One who matters most.

I have read many Amish fiction books written by Beth Wiseman, and was excited to hear about this latest novel of hers, which is a totally different style.  I found this book to be a refreshing and exciting change, and absolutely loved the story. It is a contemporary fiction story of a family in crisis.

The Henderson family moved from Houston to the old farm where Darlene's grandparents used to live. Life in the small town wasn't quite as perfect as they had hoped, as their three teenagers still struggled with issues. Darlene and Brad's marriage went through some tough storms as well.

Darlene had always stayed home and taken care of the family, and she thought that getting a job at the neighborhood school for challenged kids would give her a new independence and a new identity.  Almost immediately, her family went through intense trauma, and she couldn't help but blame herself.

The author Beth Wiseman might have stepped away from her normal writing genre in this book, but she did a tremendous job.  In fact, I really hope that she writes more contemporary fiction novels like this one. I am very interested to see what she comes up with next!  

Disclosure: Ebook received through Net Galley, courtesy of Thomas Nelson and The B&B Media Group, in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Beth Wiseman writes fearlessly with the stresses and struggles that are an inevitable part of a marriage and raising children--yet offers hope in the face of those challenges. She doesn't shy away from letting the characters in this book face some problems and difficult questions. I think many readers will be able to relate to this book, and be comforted by the fact that they are not the only ones who struggle.