Mar 13, 2012

Night with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory

The Conversation That Changes Everything

Followup to the wildly successful New York Times bestseller Dinner with A Perfect Stranger, where Nick Cominsky met Jesus face-to-face. After that meeting, he figured the Christian life would be smooth sailing . . . until hitting bottom six years later, preparing him for a second surprising encounter -- and some long-sought answers.

Six years ago, businessman Nick Cominsky encountered Jesus the old-fashioned way—in a face-to-face meeting. And the Christian life seemed a breeze . . . for a while. But now, having done everything he knows to grow spiritually, he wonders where his closeness with Jesus has gone. Burned out and hopeless, Nick wails his complaints to God during a late-night interstate trip. Then suddenly he runs out of gas—and finds Jesus along the roadside carrying a gas can.

Jesus hops in the truck and offers answers Nick never heard in church . . . and a nighttime of adventures ensues beyond anything Nick could have imagined.

David Gregory is the author of the New York Times Extended Bestseller Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, as well as A Day with a Perfect Stranger, The Next Level, The Last Christian, and coauthor of the nonfiction The Rest of the Gospel. After a 10-year business career, David earned masters degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and the University of North Texas. He now writes full-time and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Night With a Perfect Stranger is the first book that I have read by David Gregory, and I honestly had no idea what to expect. Maybe I should have read Dinner with a Perfect Stranger first, as I feel like I missed a big part of Nick's story as this is his second personal encounter with Jesus.

As I was reading, I found myself thinking of the The Shack by William P. Young. I'm not sure exactly why, but maybe it was the interaction between a man who was seeking answers and is able to talk directly with Jesus.

One thing this book did is make me wonder what it would be like to spend a few hours of one-on-one time with Jesus. I wonder what we would talk about, and I wonder what lessons I would learn. Overall, this tiny little book of 130 pages was a quick and easy read, and it brought up some very interesting topics.

Disclosure: Copy received courtesy of Worthy Publishing, in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. I would like to read a book by this author; thanks for telling me about him.