Apr 3, 2012

NIV Boys Bible

The NIV Boys Bible was created especially for boys ages 9 to 12 and helps them grow into the young men God wants them to be. Fun in-text features help boys dig deep into the Word and learn about amazing people, facts, and stories of the Bible.

Grow into the young man God wants you to be. Dig deep into God’s Word and learn amazing new facts, discover inspiring people and stories, and uncover all kinds of stuff that you never ever imagined was in the Bible. Helpful, fun, and often downright astonishing, the NIV Boys Bible features unique and meaningful content.

Features include:
  • What’s the Big Deal?—Need-to-know biblical stories and people
  • Check It Out—Interesting and funny facts about Bible times and characters
  • Grossology—Gross and gory stuff you never knew was in the Bible
  • Makin’ It Real—Help for applying Bible stories to your everyday life
  • Hundreds of highlighted verses worth memorizing
  • Introductions to each book of the Bible
  • Presentation page
  • Complete NIV text

What boy doesn't get excited about gross stuff?  No matter how old they are, the grosser the better, right?  Here's a prime example of "Grossology" from page 1189:

The demons ran into a herd of pigs and sent them over a cliff into a lake, which was the water and food supply for the locals. Soon it was filled with smelly, bloated, dead pigs. So much for fishing for a while -- unless they wanted rotten, pork-flavored sardines.
Luke 8:32-33
We are familiar with the story from the book of Luke when demons were cast out of the tortured man and into the herd of pigs. But did you ever think about what happened to the pigs when they hit the water? Is it a guy thing, to think of the smelly or disgusting angle of the story? I know several young boys who will love hearing the gross aspects of this story.

Or how about the Makin' It Real section? This one is from page 949:

Ezekiel 7:10, 20, 24

The Israelites got cocky. They became really proud of their wealth and the good things God blessed them with. Even though it all came from God, the Israelites started taking credit for it. We can become proud too. Pride is tempting when life is going well. We begin to think our brains, stuff, or actions make us better than others.

If you've ever patted yourself on the back for being smarter, stronger, or faster than someone else, that's pride. Pride takes credit from God (or others). Becoming proud of your deeds instead of crediting God takes away praise for what he's done: created you and everyone else. Pride turns destructive when you do that often enough that you put God on the sidelines. Everything good you have and do is from God. Remember that, and give credit where it's due.

I love how this Bible takes the scripture and makes it real and relative to young boys, exactly where they are, in terms they will understand.

And just in case you think a grandma doesn't know what she's talking about, I checked with the resident grandpa in this house, and he gives the NIV Boys Bible a huge thumbs up too!

Disclosure: Review copy received through The B&B Media Group in exchange for my honest review.

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