Jul 25, 2012

Say Hello to a Better Body! (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

Weight Loss and Fitness for Women Over 50

Inspiring Chicken Soup for the Soul stories and accessible leading-edge medical information from Dr. Suzanne Koven of Harvard Medical School. Women over 50 fight menopause, creaky joints, busy lives, and other factors that interfere with their quests for weight control and fitness. These advice-filled stories from women over 50 who have figured out how to get fit are combined with Dr. Koven's practical advice and medical information. You won't have any more excuses!

Say Hello to a Better Body! is another fantastic Chicken Soup for the Soul book. However, this one spoke to me just like a guilty conscience. You see, the topic of the individual stories could have been written especially for me.

The subtitle of this book is "Weight Loss and Fitness for Women Over 50" and unfortunately ... that's me. I am over 50, I carry quite a few extra pounds with me wherever I go, and I definitely need to devote more time to becoming fit and healthy.

I must admit that some of the stories in this book made me laugh. I could relate to many of the excuses that these women used in their own struggles to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

Overall, I think this book is very motivational, and filled with healthy tips and inspiration to have a healthier lifestyle. It's never too late, even for women over 50, just like me!

Disclosure: Book received courtesy of Shelton Interactive and Simon & Schuster Canada, in exchange for my honest review.

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