Oct 17, 2012

Never imagined this ...

A while back I reviewed a great debut novel by Stacy Henrie called Lady Outlaw.

Last month, Stacy had a fun contest for anyone who posted a review of her book on Amazon. I don't often enter contests, but this one intrigued me.

The winner would get an Amazon gift card, but the really fun part ... they also get a character named after them in Stacy's new WWI series, which will be published in 2014.

I won, I won, I won!

(doing a little happy dance)

It will be fun to see my name in print, and it won't be a problem finding some great new ebooks on Amazon to purchase with my gift card.

Thanks Stacy, and I can't wait to read your new series.


  1. Love the picture, Janet! I'm so excited too. I think I've figured out who to name after you! And she just might have to have roots to Canada too. :)