Oct 16, 2012

Soul's Gate by James L. Rubart

Reece stood and faced the group. “Every now and then we get a break from reality. A glimpse into the other world that is more real than the reality we live in 99 percent of our days. The Bible is about a world of demons and angels and great evil and even greater glory. A world the prophets saw; the world Enoch, and Elijah, and Paul, and John the apostle all saw. A world that is all around us in every moment if we would have eyes to see and ears to hear.”

What if you could travel inside another person’s soul? To battle for them. To be part of Jesus healing their deepest wounds. To help set them free to step boldly into their divinely designed future.

Thirty years ago that’s exactly what Reece Roth did. Until tragedy shattered his life and ripped away his destiny.

Now God has drawn Reece out of the shadows to fulfill a prophecy about four warriors with the potential to change the world.

They gather at a secluded ranch deep in the mountains of Colorado, where they will learn to see the spiritual world around them with stunning clarity. And how to step into the supernatural as powerfully as anyone in the Bible did.

Their training is only the beginning. The four have a destiny to battle for a freedom even Reece doesn’t fully fathom. But they have an enemy hell-bent on destroying them as well and he'll stop at nothing to keep them from their quest for true freedom and the coming battle of souls.

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Title: Soul's Gate
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781401686055

James Rubart writes novels that make a person examine their own beliefs, and Soul's Gate is no exception. I found this book to be thought provoking and soul searching, as well as a bit disturbing.

Spiritual warfare, fantasy, and the battle between good and evil seems to be at the forefront in this book. It's a nail-biting action story that kept me on the edge of my seat. But it's so much more than that ... it's a journey to spiritual freedom.

As mentioned earlier, there are things in this book that some readers will find disturbing, and it's not for the faint-at-heart. It could even be compared to the well known allegory "The Pilgrim's Progress". By the author's own admission, certain parts of this story are fantasy.

For me, a favourite part was the author's notes at the very end. James Rubart does not believe the main focus of Soul's Gate is about the spiritual war, but about healing and freedom. He says, "In writing a story about healing and freedom, there isn't a way to avoid writing about spiritual warfare as well, given the fact we have an enemy whose goal is to steal and destroy that freedom." 

I have to agree, the journey to freedom in Christ is what we all long for, more than anything else. All of us have regrets and issues that keep us from growing closer to God. This novel just might be a stepping stone to help someone attain their own freedom, and what can be wrong with that?

This would be a great book for group discussion.

Disclosure: Ebook received through Net Galley courtesy of Thomas Nelson, in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. I like how you found it so many wonderful terms and then disturbing. I hope it was disturbing in a good way and not one that keeps you up at night.
    I admit, I have only read Rooms, but the story stayed with me.
    Great review.