Apr 25, 2013

Darkness Before Dawn by Ace Collins

In his latest novel, Darkness Before Dawn (Abingdon Press), Ace Collins leads readers on an emotionally charged ride from revenge to forgiveness.

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Will grief push Meg over the edge?

On the same night she discovers she is pregnant, twenty-eight-year-old nurse Meg Richards's husband is killed in an auto accident caused by a drunken teen. James Thomas comes from one of the most influential families in the community. He's a star athlete and glamour boy at the local high school. But the accident he caused will change his life---and Meg's future---forever.

Angered by her senseless loss and facing life as a single mother, Meg blames God for what has happened and considers a decision that could change her life even further. Enraged by the brutal trial and the court's decision, Meg starts down a frightening path of retribution. When the opportunity for revenge comes unexpectedly, will Meg follow through? Or will the remnants of her faith lead her in a different direction?

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Bestselling author Ace Collins has written more than 60 books including novels "Swope's Ridge" and "Words of the Father," as well as the nonfiction "Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas"; and "Lassie: A Dog's Life". His books have become movies and network television specials. Ace Collins has sold more than 1.5 million books during his career and makes his home in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Learn more about Ace at: http://AceCollins.com

Unfortunately, we all experience grief at some point in our lives. Someone we care for will be taken, long before we are ready to say goodbye. We never know how we will react until we have to face it ourselves.

Meg was a broken young woman ... her soulmate and the father of her unborn child was ripped from her life, and she is angry. In fact, she is so angry that all she can think of is getting even and destroying the life of the young man who caused the fatal accident that ended her husband's life.

Darkness Before Dawn is the journey down a very dark path of revenge. It shows how even the most forgiving and patient person can become bitter and question their own values and their belief in God. It is a common reaction to blame God when things go wrong. Meg is no exception, she is mad at God and everyone else around her.

I recently read two other books by Ace Collins - The Christmas Star and The Yellow Packard. Judging by these three titles, this author writes novels that touch lives. You just never know what to expect ... except the characters always grip your heart and your attention. At the same time, they will teach valuable lessons on forgiveness, redemption and the value of relationships.

I highly recommend Darkness Before Dawn.

Disclosure: Book received through Litfuse Publicity Group, in exchange for my honest review.

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