Apr 22, 2013

When Jesus Wept by Bodie and Brock Thoene

Book 1 in the Thoene's new Jerusalem Chronicles

Lazarus occupies a surprising position in the Gospel accounts. Widely known as the man Jesus raised from the dead, his story is actually much broader and richer than that. Living as he did at Bethany, near Jerusalem, Lazarus was uniquely placed to witness the swirl of events around Jesus. When Jesus Wept, the first novel in The Jerusalem Chronicles series by bestselling authors Bodie and Brock Thoene, unfolds the turbulent times in Judea during Jesus' ministry, centering on the friendship between Jesus and Lazarus. With rich insights from vineyard owners and vine dressers, the Thoenes explore the metaphor of Jesus as the True Vine, harvesting the ancient secrets found in the Old Testament. Weaving the life of Lazarus, who owned a vineyard, into the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ will help you understand it is the hand of Love Divine that holds the knife, that cuts and breaks with such tender and loving touch, and that we who have born some fruit, after the pruning, can bear much more.

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Bodie and Brock Thoene (pronounced Tay-nee) are bestselling authors of over sixty-five works of historical fiction. Their timeless classics have sold more than thirty-five million copies and won eight ECPA Gold Medallion Awards. The Thoenes have four grown children and eight grandchildren. They divide their time between Hawaii, London, and Nevada.

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Most reviews on When Jesus Wept give raving feedback on this brand new Jerusalem Chronicles series. I was intrigued by the story of Lazarus and couldn't wait to read this one. 

The story is told in first person and definitely not my first preference in a novel. As with any historical fiction, especially when based on Biblical characters, the authors must take certain liberties while expanding the lives of their characters. While I am sure that extensive research was done for this series, I still wasn't drawn into the entire package.

Many parts of the story beautifully and realistically captured life as it was during this important time in history. I loved the descriptions of Jesus, and who doesn't wonder what it was like to have a personal daily relationship with Jesus and his disciples. Lazarus and Jesus had an amazing friendship, and this story takes us on a journey to experience that relationship first hand.

However, I struggled getting into the story, and was puzzled by several of the events, especially at the end of the book.  I am sure that the Jerusalem Chronicles is bound to be a fascinating series, and maybe the next book will capture my attention better than this one did.

Disclosure:  This book was a personal purchase, as the publisher's copy did not arrive in time for this book tour.

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  1. I've heard about these books... but I don't know, every time I've tried such books where Bible stories are 'rewritten' they somehow just doesnt't appeal to me. But, thanks for the honest review. I think I can hold off reading this series.