Jul 8, 2013

Hope for an Aching Heart by Margaret Nyman

“Why would God allow my husband to die?” Sharing from her own widow’s heart, author Margaret Nyman creatively weaves personal stories, Scripture, and prayers into 60 days of inspirational thoughts. Find hope and encouragement to help you face the reality of widowhood. Gain insights to help you develop a greater dependency on God’s love, His tender care, and His promise to always be with you.

In 2009, Margaret Nyman, a wife of forty years and the mother of seven children, found herself a widow after her husband’s sudden illness and death. As she says, “I’ve earned degrees from Wheaton College (BA) and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism (MA) and have published a dozen articles on family matters. But my husband’s death and the months and years following have been the ‘school’ that has prepared me to write for other widows.” In a daily blog, Margaret has become cyber-friends with hundreds of readers, many of them reeling from the loss of their mates. Their positive feedback has told her to keep writing, and this devotional has grown from that.

Margaret Nyman truly understands what it's like to have your best friend and partner torn from your life due to a disease. Her husband passed away just 42 days after diagnosis of a terminal illness, so similar to the eleven short weeks that my husband had after his diagnosis of ALS.

Discombobulated is one of my favourite words, and that is totally how I have felt since my husband passed away six months ago. Margaret Nyman in fact titles one of the chapters in this book "Discombobulated". She touches on things that reached my heart in ways I have not experienced since I started this journey of widowhood.

One statistic really shocked me.  A large percentage of relationships with friends, especially with other couples, most likely won't survive a loss of one of the partners. Sadly, I have seen this statistic become a stark reality in my own life.

This book is a precious gem that is intended as a 60 day devotional, but I devoured it in one sitting. Thank you, Margaret Nyman, for this wonderful book. It really does help knowing that I am not alone, and that others do understand.

Disclosure: Ebook received through Net Galley courtesy of Discovery House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. This book sounds like it will be a God send to many people.