Some Randomness

  • I dream about living in a rustic cabin in the mountains, far away from all civilization and most needless modern conveniences. I could spend hours in the silence, sitting in a cozy swing on the huge wrap-around deck, totally immersed in a great book. However, the cabin must have high speed internet and cell phone coverage. Sadly, I doubt if such a place exists.
  • Ice cream should be consumed every single day. Whoever said that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" was wrong. It's all about ice cream, and I learned this from my Dad, so it has to be true.
  • Hobbies fascinate me, and I have tried many different ones. My latest passion is book folding. The really hard part is turning down the pages of a book, as it often makes me cringe. I could never fold down a corner of a page when reading a book.  Oh, how times have changed.  I keep telling myself that my new hobby is keeping old unwanted books out of the landfill.
  • I have been at the same job for over twenty years. Not many people can boast that they get paid to hang out with cowboys, every single day. How sweet is this?
  • My darling Mom is a 90 year old spitfire, and I hope to someday become even half the woman that she is. 
  • Coffee is my favourite way to trick myself into doing stuff. It is my must-have accessory.

Photo source: Unknown