Jun 21, 2012

Promise Me a Rainbow by Cheryl Reavis

Deserted by her husband because she couldn’t have children, Catherine Holben has thrown herself into her job counseling pregnant teens. Catherine is still recovering from the pain of her divorce, but her life is changed forever when she makes a purchase in a quaint curio shop. She meets handsome, hardworking Joe D’Amaro, a widower and father of three, and his daughter, Fritz. But Joe needs help with Fritz, a seven-year-old dynamo. She’s a precocious but headstrong little girl who’s impossible to resist, and he is too proud to admit it.

Joe and Catherine are cautious about making a commitment to each other. They both know the joy and heartache of falling in love, but are they willing to risk being together despite their misgivings? Neither can ignore the love that quickly blossoms between them. Maybe they can have a wonderful life together . . . if only Joe’s still-grieving older daughter, Della, will accept a new woman in her father’s life.

True love versus reality. Can Catherine handle his ready-made family? Or is there more in store for her than she thinks?

Two lonely people, scarred by betrayal and tragedy, believe that love is lost to them forever…

Catherine wanted nothing more than to be a mother, yet years of trying to conceive led only to disappointment.  When she was cast aside by her husband for being barren, she was devastated and totally alone in the world, yet she was determined to make the best of things anyways.

She became a teacher/coach of very young teenage girls who were pregnant. She basically attempted to teach them life skills and counseled them on what their choices and responsibilities would be as their impending motherhood approached.

Catherine's life changed the day she wandered into a little curio shop and purchased a set of gnomes. She had no idea that her purchase would bring Joe and the entire D'Amaro family into her life and into her heart.

This is a sweet romance filled with issues that make the characters very realistic and believable. I especially loved the youngest character in the book, Fritz D'Amaro. She may be very young, but she was wise way beyond her years when it came to figuring what was really important in relationships.

Disclosure: Ebook received through Net Galley courtesy of Bell Bridge Books, in exchange for my honest review.

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