Jul 7, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Here Comes the Bride

101 Stories of Love, Laughter and Family

The wedding day, and each day leading up to it, is a special and exciting time. In this collection of 101 heartwarming and hilarious stories, brides and grooms, families and friends share their memories of the big day. With stories about everything from the proposal, to the planning, to actual wedding day events, the honeymoon, and all the joys and frustrations in between, this book will delight and encourage any bride or newlywed. A great gift for bridal showers, engagements, and weddings!

Almost every little girl dreams of her wedding day. No matter how old we are, and how many times we have walked down the aisle ourselves ... whether as a bride or a bridesmaid, the thrill never diminishes. Weddings are magical, unforgettable and so often filled with drama, tears and laughter.

Here Comes the Bride is a fun-filled and inspirational collection of wedding memories, wedding catastrophes, and wedding humour. One of my favourites is titled "One Size Fits All", and written in the groom's perspective as he reminisces about a mix-up at the tuxedo rental shop. He ends the story with these words:

Needless to say, we did manage to find three tuxedos that matched, at least a little. And though the fit wasn't precise, my brothers and I look great in the wedding pictures -- if you look at the ones with our hands behind our backs and that have people standing in front of us to hide the fact that our pants are about two inches too short. But you know what they say about weddings: It's all about the bride anyway.

This is just too funny, and I can't imagine what the bride was thinking when she saw her future husband standing at the front of the church wearing a tuxedo that didn't fit. I am sure she wasn't laughing that day, but hopefully they can laugh about it now.

This is one of the most enjoyable Chicken Soup for the Soul books that I have read, and it's definitely a keeper in my permanent collection.

Disclosure: Book received courtesy of Shelton Interactive/Chicken Soup for the Soul, in exchange for my honest review.

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