Oct 7, 2012

Boost Your Brain Power! (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

You Can Improve and Energize Your Brain at Any Age

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Boost Your Brain Power!
will encourage readers to maximize their brain power, no matter what their age or medical condition, with its inspiring stories and helpful medical information.

Who doesn’t want to be smarter, think faster, have a better memory? This new book, full of stories from regular people who have enhanced their brain power, will help readers do just that. Others share their inspiring stories about how they boosted their brainpower and improved their life. With stories ranging from learning a new language to exercise and diet to meditating and letting go of old ways of thinking, plus helpful medical information from Harvard Medical School neurologist Dr. Marie Pasinski, readers will be inspired to get more out of their gray matter!

We are all getting older, and it's encouraging to know that we can always improve and energize our brain, no matter how old we are!

I loved many stories in this book, but the one that really made me laugh was about a 95 year old woman who was asked, among other things, what kept her mind so sharp at her age.  She replied, "Every night before I go to sleep, I recite the alphabet backwards."  Not many of us could do that, at any age, but maybe we should try it. :)

This book is divided into six amazing chapters:
  1. Invest in Your Brain
  2. Your Amazing Memory
  3. Living Well to Age-Proof the Brain
  4. Shaping Your Thoughts and Emotions
  5. Wake Up Your Brain
  6. Don't Accept Labels
Each chapter begins with a few inspirational stories from people who have kept their brains and memories sharp. There are lots of tips to improve and maintain your current knowledge. I especially enjoyed the section on getting a better sleep, and the list of many ways to make your bedtime a restful period was very interesting.

Like all Chicken Soup for the Soul books, this one is inspirational and sometimes humorous.  I love reading stories of real people and how they deal with challenges in different stages of their life.

Disclosure: Book received courtesy of Shelton Interactive and Simon & Schuster Canada, in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. And who doesn't need a brain boost? Somedays more than others. Actually could have used one this afternoon...but I'm not going into the details. (-: