Apr 6, 2013

Josiah's Treasure by Nancy Herriman

In 1882, Sarah Whittier dreams of opening an art studio run by immigrant women. She plans to use the house left to her by family friend Josiah Cady as collateral for her studio. But will all be lost when the inheritance is challenged by an angry man claiming to be Josiah’s son and legal heir? Rumor of gold nuggets hidden in the house, place Sarah’s life in danger. Her future uncertain and her safety threatened, Sarah has nowhere to turn. That is, unless she can soften a vengeful man’s heart–and they both learn that love is finer than any gold.

Nancy Herriman retired from a career as an engineer to chase around two small children and take up the pen. She hasn't looked back. When she is not writing, or gabbing over lattes about writing, she is either watching history shows on TV or performing with various choral groups. She lives in Ohio with her husband and sons, and wishes there were more hours in the day. Learn more online at www.nancyherriman.com.

One of my favourite things is to escape into a story of different times and places, and I found Josiah's Treasure to be an exceptionally captivating story for several reasons.

Sarah Whittier is a very talented artist, and she has a very big heart for other women who are struggling to support themselves. She dreams of opening an art studio and subsequently employ several single women, several of whom have troubled and questionable pasts. She embraces these young women and takes a personal responsibility in their lives and their livelihood.

All of Sarah's dreams of a brighter future for "her girls" come crashing down when Daniel Cady literally appears on Sarah's doorstep. He believes he is the rightful heir to the Cady fortune, and Sarah is defensive and confused. She was always told that the entire Cady family was deceased.

What follows is a mystery that explodes with speculation and rumor, all continually fueled by an over-zealous newspaper reporter. Daniel and Sarah are continually forced into situations that they wish wouldn't happen, but destiny has other plans.

This book has fascinating elements of mystery, danger, romance and some delightful humour too. For lovers of great historical and inspirational fiction, check out this latest novel by Nancy Herriman ... you won't be disappointed.

Disclosure: Ebook received through Net Galley, courtesy of Worthy Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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