Sep 29, 2013

Every Waking Moment by Chris Fabry

Treha Langsam is a mysterious young woman who has fallen through the cracks, much like many of the elderly people she works with at Desert Gardens Retirement Home. But Miriam Howard, director of the facility, sees her extraordinary gift and untapped potential. Treha is a whisperer of sorts, calling those who have slipped into dementia back to a life of vibrant, if only temporary, clarity.

When Treha’s and Miriam’s stories intertwine with a documentary team looking for stories of the elderly, Treha’s gift is uncovered, and the search begins for answers to the mysteries of her past. As their paths converge, each person is forced to face the same difficult question: What if this is as good as my life gets?

An uplifting, human tale of an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift.

Chris Fabry has become one of my favourite authors lately, and this great novel does not disappoint. I was immediately drawn into the lives of the staff and residents of the Desert Gardens Retirement Home.

From top management to residents to cleaning staff, the retirement facility was a place of love, support and respect towards each other. All that changed when a new manager was put in place, and she had a totally different agenda.

The underlying story that knits everything together is the story of Treha. She is different than most, and nobody understands why. I loved how her story developed over time, and answers to the puzzle finally fit together.

I highly recommend this one, it is fantastic!!

Disclosure: Ebook received through Net Galley courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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